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Bio: Looking for Roller blinds, Wooden blinds, Cheap blinds, or Curtains and Venetian blinds, and more, in Nottingham and surrounding areas like Derby, Mansfield, Leciester, East Midlands or Luton? Day Blinds offers superior window solutions at unmatched prices. We are a Nottingham-based company that manufactures and supplies feature-rich blinds in an array of colours, textures, and shades that are compatible with different kinds of windows. Add a special touch to any room or flooring type with our child-friendly, easy to clean blinds made from fire retardant and water resistant fabrics. Our fully trained staff is well-versed in all types of window blinds and materials; and will readily provide any advice you might need. Whether Roller shades or Window shutters; avail quality products with our measuring service and door delivery within 7 working days in Ireland. Call for a quote now from the comfort of your home.
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