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Types of Maintenance Free and Long Life Sealed Lead Acid Battery!
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The first one in the category is VRLA battery or Valve regulated lead Acid battery and is rechargeable, like any other lead-acid battery. The feature that makes it unique is that VRLA batteries do not require water to be added. Absorbed glass mat technology with calcium grids makes it to achieve this. These batteries provide high rated performance and longer life compared to other products.

Whilst you are looking for a great fee voltage limit, you may locate it essential. There's a misbalance between the excessive voltage and longer life. The excessive voltage battery that is above 2.40v/mobile offers good performance however has shorter existence due to grid corrosion. Then again, a low voltage gets sulfaction at the negative plate. While we communicate approximately vrla batteries, we should now that due to low inner resistance, they accept fee definitely well. The risks are that on overcharging, battery receives damaged. Their capability decreases and lifespan gets decreased.

Over charging is enormously harmful for any VRLA battery because of their sealed design. Overcharging leads to the discharge of oxygen and hydrogen out of it through the pressure relief valves and dries the battery. Similarly, if you happen to continually undercharge it, a power-robbing layer of sulfate will form on the positive plate, creating the impediment or barrier in recharging the battery. Both overcharging and undercharging leads to reduced capacity, performance and life. One of the after effects of undercharging is plate shedding. Hence it is important that the charger must be used to limit voltage. Many chargers are available in the markets that are temperature compensated for the prevention of under and overcharging by monitoring temperature changes.

Wisdom Industrial Power Co., Ltd is a manufacturing and trading combo, specialized in lead acid and GEL battery for more than 36 years. Owns production bases in Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangdong and Vietnam (oversea base) with the global headquarter in Huizhou, China. Total production site is over 480,000 square meters and owns more than 23 production lines with annual output over 19 millions kilo watt power.Our products are favored and recognized by leading global enterprises, which includes: AGM VRLA battery, hybrid gel storage batteries, OPzV battery, lead acid motive batteries for electric vehicles.

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